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Security Tips

Tips to keep you and your Family safe and Secure


Form a neighborhood watch program
Contact your local police department for help getting started.

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Lock it Up
high security deadbolts and door locks; make sure lock strike plates are installed properly with long anchor screws. Install window locks, Do not leave the garage doors open. These things will make entry more difficult for the bad guys.


Spare Keys
Do not leave a spare outside. Give one to a trusted neighbor. If you have to leave one outside be creative. Do not put them under flower pots, welcome mats or on window ledges.
Install a pushbutton stor-a-key Box.


Trim the Shrubs
Shrubs and landscaping should be no higher than the bottom of the window. The bad guys will have a place to hide.


Increase Your View

Install a magnified door viewer so you can get a good look at who’s at the door.


Look Like Your Home
If your going on a trip, stop mail delivery or have a neighbor collect it for you. 3 or 4 news papers in the yard or a full mail box tells the bad guys no ones home. Install
Timers on lamps in different rooms, adjust them to come on and go off at different times during the night.


Sound Like Your Home

If you have your name on your mail box, take it off. Bad guys will often call 411 to get your phone number, then they call to see if your home. Forward your home phone to your cell phone, when they call, you’ll answer.


Make a list

List your valuables. If you are the victim of a robbery having a list of your valuables their serial numbers and even pictures or videos. will help identify them when they are recovered by the Police.

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